We are a small family run business that aims to bring today’s discerning women the latest in Pakistani and Indian Fashion at high street prices. Our aim is to cater for all markets from our Premium designer ranges to our casual everyday range without compromising on quality or customer service.

We were established in January 2015 in East Shopping Centre in Green Street, East London. A first for us and a first for the Asian community within the UK with a state of the art purpose built Shopping centre catering for all tastes from Bridal to everyday casual wear and its own food court.

We continue to strive to bring the latest designs to our customers before anybody else and cater for all budgets.

We found that South Asian communities in Western countries have found it difficult to get creative with their dressing for traditional occasions, parties or whilst visiting family and friends. Sometimes this is due to the lack of availability of South Asian authentic attire; other times the price they are sold for in the Western market far exceeds their expectations and budget or the designs available are not current and don't match the latest trends..

Contries such as Pakistan and India have evolved, their society has evolved, but most importantly its women have evolved. Long gone are the days when a woman was content with just her home and family. The new era brings forth a woman who wants it all; home, family and a successful career. Multi-tasking with household chores and professional deadlines has become the norm for the new woman of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Fashion awareness has also spread vastly amongst the society. Women not only want to take over the world but want to look good doing it. The current and emerging Fashion trends especially in Pakistan are allowing them to do this in style however, in our experience we found that women in the West from these countries did not have the same choice’s in fashion trends. Where the latest styles were found they were either too expensive or cheap imitations unless you stock up whilst on holiday but then run the risk of getting last season’s styles. We have had the same experience everywhere throughout the globe and thus Malika London Ltd came to existence. From the very beginning, our goal was to provide a simple and easy solution to the South Asian communities living in the West to get their favourite traditional attire and accessories as easily and swiftly as possible. Being the victim ourselves, we understood the challenge was being quick, easy and affordable whilst not losing or compromising on quality, workmanship or design. Of course, at the same time looking at current and emerging fashion trends particularly in the Pakistani and Indian Fashion markets to ensure that we can bring you the latest fashion and design wear.

We set-up Malika London Ltd as a dedicated service to cater for all communities looking for the latest design trends from Pakistan especially the South Asian communities settled abroad. Being South Asians, we understand our customers and we value quality over quantity. So be assured that all of our products are sourced from regulated and trusted distributors and manufacturers from the South Asian region and all are to the very highest standards in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

We are proud of our products and services and are excited to be able to provide something back to our communities settled abroad. We hope to make you a part of our journey to success. Of course, we always welcome feedback, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any information or help on the products available at Malika London Ltd or just want to tell us about your own experience. Thank you for your support and happy shopping.